Technical Patents and Book (Chapter)s:

Faraday Materials Laboratory (FaMaL)

“……Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamaya“.
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Technical Patents:

3. “Positive electrode active material used in sodium ion secondary battery for electronic devices, comprises sulfate“,
A. Yamada, P. Barpanda, G. Oyama, S. Nishimura,
WO2015037489-A1 [World Patent] JP2013-187914 [Japanese Patent]

2. “Manufacture of carbon-coated lithium or sodium-containing compound used for positive electrode active material, involves heating intermediate complex obtained using sodium-containing oxoate compound precursor solution and fuel”,
A. Yamada, P. Barpanda,
WO2013035572-A1 [World Patent] JP2014-221690-A [Japanese Patent]

1.”Material, useful in electrode for a lithium or lithium ion, comprises fluorosulphate particles comprising triplite structure phase and optionally tavorite structure phase”,
J.M. Tarascon, P. Barpanda, M. Ati, J.N. Chotard, M. Armand,
WO2012146842-A1 [World Patent] FR2972441-A1, FR2972441-B1 [French Patents] US#20140306149 [US Patent], EP2683478-A1 [European Patent] JP2014-511002-W [Japanese Patent], KR2014-027143-A [Korean patent], CN103619474-A [Chinese Patent]

Book (Chapter)s:

2. “Chapter-7: Fluorine-based polyanionic compounds for high-voltage electrode materials”,
P. Barpanda, J.M. Tarascon,
Lithium Batteries: Advanced Technologies and Applications. (Wiley Publications), 2013.
Editors: B. Scrosati, K.M. Abraham, W. van Schalkwijk, J. Hassoun

1. “Carbon-halide nanocomposites: Structure, morphology and electrochemistry”,
P. Barpanda,
(VDM-Verlag Publications), 2009. [ISBN: 978-3-639-12061-5]